UNH Polarized Target Group

The UNH Polarized Target Group (Karl Slifer, Elena Long, and Nathaly Santiesteban) operate a Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) Lab to create magnetically oriented materials. The target system is capable of vector polarization enhancement of protons and tensor polarization enhancement of deuterons utilizing a novel solid-state microwave source, a high power helium evaporation refrigerator and a superconducting solenoid.

We synthesize our own polarizable materials, construct material inserts using 3D printed components, and operate multiple independent nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) polarimeters, including a Liverpool Q-meter, a VME crate-based system, and multiple low-cost vector network analyzers.

This hardware project has been a major focus of our group over the last three years, but the long term goal is to open the exciting new field of Tensor Spin Observable measurements at Jefferson Lab and other facilities.

Our group is at the forefront of a novel program to investigate tensor spin observables using a new solid tensor polarized target. The JLab b1 and Azz experiments were both fully approved in 2022 after a panel review of conditional status.

We then organized a workshop dedicated to the physics possible with a tensor polarized target at the European Center for Theoretical Physics (ECT*).

And most recently, the experiments’ high physics ratings were affirmed during a `Jeopardy’ status review by Jefferson PAC 51.

Accordingly, a main focus of our group is now prepararation for the Experimental Readiness Review (ERR) and installation of the polarized target at Jefferson Lab. 


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