Welcome to the web pages of the UNH Nuclear and Particle Physics Group, which is part of the Physics Department. The group is currently located in our lovely new building, the rebuilt DeMeritt Hall, which we moved into in August 2008.


HPS Experiment in Nature News item.

The HPS experiment has a short article in Nature News: "Physicists hunt for dark forces". And a rewrite of this article appears in Popular Science: "While the LHC Hunts Higgs, the Jefferson Accelerator Looks to Illuminate Mysterious 'Dark Photons'.

Sarah receives JSA Postdoc Grant.

Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips (photo: Dan Mannarino)

Our research scientist, Dr. Sarah Phillips, received the prestigeous JSA Postdoc Grant for her work on the "True Muonium" experiment. This experiment will look for true muonium, the mu+ mu- bound state, which has never been seen before. The experiment would use the same equipment as the Heavy Photon Search (HPS) experiment.

The Heavy Photon Experiment gets thumbs up.

The Heavy Photon Experiment (HPS) was just approved by PAC37. The full experiment will be conditional on a successful test run, which we hope to run in 2012, before the shutdown for the 12 GeV upgrade at Jefferson Lab.The HPS will make use of a new large acceptance, high luminosity spectrometer in Hall-B. Also approved, with A rating, is the APEX experiment, which will run in Hall-A, using the existing spectrometers. APEX will also search for the heavy photon.

New Postdoc joins our group.

We are very pleased to announce the Dr. James Maxwell has joined our group. James will initially be working on our G2P experiment, which is taking data in the Spring and Summer of 2012.

Hovanes gets permanent position at Jlab

Our research scientist, Hovanes Egiyan, was awarded a permanent position as Jefferson Lab Hall-D staff, where he will be working on the Hall-D equipment and experiments. He continues his membership in the CLAS collaboration.

Spin Structure Workshop at Jefferson Lab

Workshop Poster

NPG members Karl Slifer and Sarah Phillips are part of the organizing committee for the Spin Structure at Long Distance Workshop that will be held at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia, on March 12th and 13th, 2009. The workshop covers the spin structure functions of the nucleon at low momentum transfer, with presentations by theoretical and experimental experts in the field. For more details, see the workshop website at Jefferson Lab.

This workshop is supported by the JSA Initiatives Fund, Jefferson Lab, and the University of New Hampshire.

New Faculty member joins

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Karl Slifer, who will be joining the UNH Physics department faculty this Fall 2008.

New members

This Spring, Dr. Sarah Phillips joined our group in the post doctoral position. Sarah will be setting up the new SVT lab on campus and be involved with other experimental work as well.

Silicon Vertex Tracker Test Lab

SVT Simulated Picture
Simulated picture of the SVT detector, part of the CLAS12 detector.

We just started a new project for the CLAS12 detector. We will be constucting a test lab for the Silicon Vertex tracker, the inner most detector system of the upgraded CLAS detector. A simulated picture of this detector is shown in the inset picture. The test lab will involve a complete detector readout system and an x-y-z positioning table, which will position a laser over the silicon detector to be tested.