Current Members of the NPG

Maurik Holtrop


Maurik is one of the spokespersons of the Heavy Photon Search (HPS) experiment (E12-11-006) at Jefferson Lab. This experiment looks for a new gauge boson, the “heavy photon” or “dark photon”, which could be part of a hidden sector that also includes potential dark matter candidates. He is also a member of the CLAS and CLAS12 experiments, where is a co-spokes person for experiments E12-06-106,  “Study of Color Transparency in Exclusive Vector Meson Electroproduction off Nuclei”, E12-06-117, “Quark Propagation and Hadron Formation”, E12-06-119, “Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with CLAS at 11 GeV”, and E12-06-109, “The Longitudinal Spin Structure of the Nucleon”.

Karl Slifer

Associate Professor

Karl’s principal research area is the study of nucleon spin structure functions via inclusive scattering from polarized targets. He is a co-spokesperson on the E08-027 experiment at Jefferson Lab, which measured the proton g2 structure function. He is also a co-spokesperson for the EG4 experiment deuteron run, which measured the proton and deuteron g1 structure functions. Karl is one of the primary proponents of the study of tensor spin observables. The E12-13-011 experiment at JLab, for which he is a co-spokesperson, will study of the deuteron tensor structure function b1, and probe the tensor-polarized quark and antiquark distribution functions. He is a co-spokes person on experiment E12-15-005, which received an A- rating and was conditionally approved, will measure the tensor asymmetry Azz in the x > 1 region, which will explore the nature of short-range correlations in nuclei.

Karl runs the dynamic polarized target lab at UNH, where he tests new techniques for polarizing frozen ammonia targets.


Elena Long

Assistant Professor

Dr. Elena Long joined the physics at the University of New Hampshire as a Post Doc in 2013 and joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2017.  A recepient of the JSA Promising Young Scientist Award and the JSA Post Doctoral Research Prize, Dr. Long is researching the ways that a tensor-polarized target can be utilized to understand nuclear effects with a focus on understanding how the quarks inside of protons and neutrons come together to form atomic nuclei.

Dr. Long is the lead spokesperson on an approved experiment at Jefferson Lab to do the first measurement on the quasi-elastic tensor asymmetry Azz. By utilizing tensor polarization, which enhances the deuteron’s D-state, and looking at kinematics in the x>1 region, short range nuclear effects are enhanced. This experiment will provide insight into relativistic nucleon-nucleon calculations, such as light cone and virtual neucleon methods, as well as provide new experimental constraints on decades-old quetsions about the S/D ratio of deuteron wavefunctions.

She is also working on measuring the deuteron structure function, b1, which was approved as the Jefferson Lab experiment E12-13-011. The b1 structure function only exists in tensor polarized, spin-1 particles. If the deuteron is a simple combination of a proton and neutron, b1 is zero. All conventional models predict b1to be vanishingly small at 0.1 < x < 0.7. However, a previous measurement by HERMES showed a large measurement around x = 0.45 that’s 2 sigma from zero. The current measurement looks to greatly improve the uncertainty in this range, as well as map out a possible sign change in b1. 

Rafayel Paremuzyan

Research Scientist

Rafo works on the HPS experiment and on CLAS12 experiments. He is stationed at JLab.


Michael McClellan

Adviser: Elena Long

David Ruth

Adviser: Karl Slifer

Shujie Li

Adviser: Karl Slifer

Kyle McCarty

Adviser: Maurik Holtrop

Nathaly Santiesteban

Adviser: Karl Slifer

 Bradley Yale

Adviser: Maurik Holtrop

Previous Members of the NPG

Recent Graduate Alumni

Tobias Badman PhD. 2017
Ryan Zilenski PhD. 2017
Lorenzo Zana PhD. 2010 – Currently a postdoc for Syracuse University at Jefferson Lab
Mike Debagian PhD. 2007 – Research scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Adrian Sindile PhD. 2006 – Currently employed at Xemed.
Octavian Filoti PhD. 2006
John Kirkpatrick PhD. 2005 – Currently at Canberra Industries, Inc.
Peter Karpius PhD. 2005
Gagik Gavalian PhD. 2004 – Currently a Research Professor at ODU.
Dan Protopopescu PhD. 2002 – Currently a Research Scientist at Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland
Lynette Gelinas PhD. 1999
Bogdan Mihaila PhD. 1998 – Currently program manager at NSF
Vance Pomeroy PhD. 1998 – Currently Scientist at Lincoln Labs
Melissa Lampert PhD.1997
Mark Leuschner PhD. 1992 – Currently Research Scientist at Ionetix Corp.

Recent Post Doctoral Researchers

Elena Long Currently Asst. Prof. at UNH
Sarah Phillips Currently at Ab Initio Corporation
James Maxwell Currently a post-doc at MIT
Hovanes Egiyan Currently Physics Staff with Hall-D at Jefferson Lab (since 2010)
Silviu Covrig Currently a staff scientist at Jefferson Lab.
Frederick Tonk-Uk Lee Currently in industry.
Honguo Zhu Program Managar at Dept Homeland Security in the DTRA
Tim Smith Research Professor at Dartmouth University Physics Department

Recent Undergraduate Alumni

Kurtis Bartlett B.S. 2012 – Currently at PhD. program in nuclear physics at College of William and Mary
Ebrahim Ebrahim B.S. 2012 – Currently at PhD. program in mathematics at UC Santa Barbara
John Donahy B.S. 2011 – Currently in US Navy Seal officer school
M.Sc. 2011 – Computer Science
Jonathan Alix B.S. 2011 – Currently at DEKA Research and Development Corporation
Trevor Bielarski B.S. 2011 – Currently in PhD. program in medical physics at University of Vermont
Adam Duston B.S. 2011 – Atlassian Corporation
Gregory Hadcock B.S. 2010 – Currently in industry
Julian Gallo B.S. 2010 – Currently in PhD. program in physics at George Washington University
Kyle Snavely B.S. 2010 – Currently PhD program NC State.
Sam Meehan B.S. 2009 – Currently in Ph.D. program in Physics at the University of Chicago
Will Morrison B.S. 2007 – Currently at Boston University PhD program in Physics
Mike Mason B.S. 2006 – Currently in PhD. program in physics
Chad Everbeck
Alex Johnston
Steve McCoy
Matt Minuti
Aaron Hope Currently employed at Xemed LLC.