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Several resources can be requested when a job is submitted using qsub. A full explanation of the resource list can be found here. This page contains information for resource options that have been tested on Endeavour.

Specifies the maximum mount of memory used by the job. [size] is written as an integer followed by a suffix specifying the size multiplier (b, kb, mb, gb). For example, mem=200mb would specify a maximum 200mb of memory for the job.
Specifies the nodes used for the job. By default PBS sends jobs to the last available node. Once resources on the first node are exceeded jobs will carry over to lower numbered nodes. You can specify nodes as a number, or by naming nodes individually by hostname. Specifying nodes by number defaults to using one processor per node. Using ppn=[1-8] allows you to specify a number of processors per node.

You can also specify nodes individually by host name. The syntax would be the host names separated by a '+' (e.g. nodes=node2+node3+node4).
Selecting 8 nodes with 1 processor per node:
qsub -l nodes=8
Selecting 8 nodes with 4 processors per node:
qsub -l nodes=8:ppn=4
Selecting nodes 2, 3 and 4 with 8 processors per node:
qsub -l nodes=node2+node3+node4:ppn=8
Selecting 8 processors on node 2 and three processors on node 3:
qsub -l nodes=node2:ppn=8+node3:ppn=3
Specifies the amount of time that a job can be in an active state. Hours and minutes are optional parameters. (written as 'HH:MM:SS').