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There are 3 flow meters in the system. 1) At the end of the roots roughing pump, 2) after the separator and 3) In the magnet space. The function of the flow meters is to monitor the Helium output/consumption. The typical values expected in the flow meters are summarized in the Table.

Monitoring the flow meter is checking the fluctuations of the flow meter values is important in order to check how the system is operating. Here are some situations that you may encounter in the shift.

  • Flow meter reading is 0. That means that the Helium flow stopped in the flow meter. It could be due to a part of the line frozen/blocked / the needles valves are closed / among others. If that is the case, please check that the system is not over pressuring, if it is: Stop the helium flow and fix the problem. If the system is not over pressuring check the status of all parts of the system and find the problem.
  • Flow meter is above/below the expected value. In this case, something in the system must have changed. If it is due to target/microwaves/other recent change of the system, wait until the system reaches equilibrium again. If it is not due to changes to the system or if the variation continues, check all the parameters that can alter the flow (leaks, needle valve wide open, ice in the lines, among others), and fix it.