Kyle's Old Logs

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Kyle's Old Logs.


Tue 23

Off clock - building Sim12 on Fedora 7, some linking errors with JGeant4

Arrived 12pm
Familiarizing with batch mode, xml files
Put together common batch mode commands from
Creating log for hours, things done.
Read SVT and silicon detector papers
Out 3:00pm

tonight: more reading, fix linking problem

Thur 25

Off clock - picking up Introduction to Elementary Particles by Griffiths today or tomorrow.

Arrived 12pm
Reading through HDDS-1_0.xsd - XML documentation
Put together a simulation with just 2 SVTs (or maybe 1 double layered SVT) and a target.
Simulation runs a LOT faster with reduced geometry.

Wrote XML guide.
Left 2:45pm

Fri 26

Off clock - picking up Introduction to Elementary Particles by Griffiths today or tomorrow.

Arrived 10am
Set up single 'strip' simulation. Trying to figure out color meaning.
Color crazy! Perhaps seperated by charge, optical or 'other' emag radiation. All leptons so far are red.
Note: I do not get the vertical red lines I did when first running the simulation. Perhaps there is too
much geometry when the entire site is loaded and it breaks?

Applying fields to the region. (Uniform) Seem to have some effect on charged particles in jets but not
in incoming beam...not much of an effect though. Need to run more tests, check field strength. I don't think
it's doing anything.

Rotation in the phi dimension is broken for theta = 0.

Sim12 registered hit for an optical photon, gave lots of nice information. Hasn't done that for other
particle hits. Trying to get Sim12 to dump particle info to a file rather than just the terminal.
Out - 12:30pm


Mon 5

Arrived 10:30AM
Will G4 simulate semicondcutor SVT? - should...simulates photoelectric effect
Building detector piece as descriped in the diagrom in the SVT notes. Fixing geometry.
Out 12:15PM

Wed 7

Arrived 10:00AM
It seems references to geometry in the xml files use the center of a volume for it's
referencing index. I've built the first layer of the SVT cross section. What are we
using for n, n+, and p+? Spoke to Sam about this, he will get back to me.

For the laser test-bed we are trying to assemble:
Is this laserlight polarized? Geant4 cannot yet simulate
polarized light.

Trying to simulate photoelectric effect.
-what is the opticalphoton wavelength -controlled by energy?
Out 12:30pm

Fri 9

Arrived 10:15AM
Met with Sam on thursday, he recommended a great detector book, explaining the + designation on p and n semiconductors.
I spoke with grad student Georgi Nenchev on Solid State physics, and he recommended I pick up a book.
Modeling SVT from the cross section.
What semiconductor materials are we using? (notes: p-gallium,boron,indium n-arsenic,phosphorus,antimony)
How must the geometry be defined for pn junctions?
out 12:45pm

Wed 14

Arrived 10:15AM
Got scons, qt4, already have mysql, geant4 and python. Building qt4. Need gemc source. Filled out early time sheet.
Out 12:45PM

Thur 15

Arrived 12:30PM
Needed to set some env vars. Had to recompile qt4 with mysql support, recycling geant4 in sim12 build for gemc.
Lunch/Class Out: 2:15PM 

Arrived 5:00PM
make install qt - still getting mysql errors. Rebuild scons.
Out 6:15pm

Fri 16

Arrived 9:00AM
Still getting MYSQL errors. Needed to export MYSQL=/. Getting a library error.
Looking at G4 source. Trying to implement a simple log. I see references to a file stream named LOG_MSG in gemc's source but can't find the file.
Out: 11:30PM

Wed 19

Arrived 10:00AM
Compiled GEMC with maurizio's file logging, it works just fine. Checking out the source, brushing up on Qt4
Out: 11:30PM

Mon 26

Arrived 10:15AM
Implemented panning with respect to zoom. Compiles fine, but I can't test it as Maurizio must be playing with the geometry server. Implementing buttons for panning.
Out: 12:45PM

Tue 27

Arrived 12:30AM
Implemented test button for panning. Again, geometry server is not functioning, so I can't really test it yet. Trying to compile new version of GEMC, getting EVIO errors
on building.

Just tested, scale to zoom panning works great!
Button isn't working. I don't know if I can pass an argument to a function using a slot.
Created seperate method for button panning, works great! Now I need to just put it all together so it looks good.
Updated notes and tasks on this page.
Can't get new GEMC to build, with evio from taro/maurik or evio from jlab. It can't link evioxx. I can't even find anything called evioxx.
Out: 3:00PM

Wed 28

Arrived 10:15AM
Helping Dan with Command line box
Implemented buttons for panning. Trying to get them in their own box, not working yet.
I see maurizio wants a google-maps like interface. I assume he means drag to pan/rotate and scroll zoom.

I'm going to pick up a book on QT.
Left 12:15

Fri 30

Arrived 10:00AM
got latest evio/gemc from taro/maurik
got evio to install, but scons'ing gemc results in the same linking evioxx error

reading through qt tutorial


Mon 3

Arrived 1015
built new gemc, sent code to maurizio
checking out dan's code
future ideas for buttons: pan factor
Out 1215

Tue 11

In 1215
Implemented compass-rose type buttons, put into new
code with command box
Implemented pan factor slider
Out 2:15

Wed 13

In 100
Implemented coord boxes. Displays current x,y and allows
one to jump to any x,y. What is wrong with phi? Fix it.
Tommorow add reset button. Move on.
Out 300


Thur 10

In 11:30
Got updated code from maurik,
integrating my gui changes into the new code.
Arg! Scons errors. Emailed Maurizio.
Out 12:15

Tue 15

In 115
Built g4.9.1, assembly el4/5 32/64 bit builds of all
gemc things.

Gemc will not build. There is a linking error with a QT4 .so
however QTDIR and QTHOME are specified, QTHOME/lib is in 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and the .so exists within the directory.
Out 5:00PM

Wed 16

In 12:30
Still trying to figure out this linking error.
-seems we need the latest gemc to resolve
building RHEL4_x32 gemc dependencies on pumpkin
Out 4:45

Mon 21

In 11:00
GEANT built successfully. Building scons. Got BMS and built EVIO.
SCons and pyscripts are in the main CLAS12 directory.
Getting new GEMC...maurik is writing to JLab for access.
Out 1:00
Fixed the scons install. Putting GEMC in my home directory and attempting
to build it from the dependencies on pumpkin2/taro
I thought dan had compiled qt, has not. Moving source to pumpkin and
compiling as in the 'detailed instructions.'

Tue 22

In 1:15
Recompiling Geant4
I tried compiling it manually but I must be doing something wrong. Using 
the configure script. Everything seems like it built fine.

Whever I scons gemc, it tells me G4UIQt is undeclared, despite G4UIQt.hh being
included in the building of gemc.

" In function `int main(int, char**)': error: `G4UIQt' has not been declared
scons: *** [gemc.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors."
Out 3:30

Tue 29

In 2:00PM
This error must lie either in combining the incorrect G4 and gemc versions,
or in a bad G4 compile. QT I beleive should be compiled correctly.
I've recompiled, making manually after setting enviroment variables, G4. Gemc still doesn't compile.
Out 3:30


Tue 5

In 9:30
Found some info on We have the right version of python...
GEMC builds! Doesn't run though.
Exporting CLHEP/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Runs! But segfaults. Probably just problems in this GEMC.
Interestingly enough, old versions of gemc also build, but then
segfault. We need the newest gemc version to be able to tell if
this is gemc or G4.
Out 10:30

In 12:00
Dan is moving the directory structure as I write a guide.
Beginning work on RHEL5_64


Out 2:00pm

Tue 8-12

sshing in from home, building 5_x64

Thur 14

In 10:30
Building dependencies RHEL5_x32
corn crashed.
Out-Class 11:00

In 12:00
getting evio linking errors when building gemc.
slowly but surely driving me ever closer of the
cliff and into the depths of madness.
Out 2:15

Mon 18

In 3:00pm
Corn should be good to go.
Compiled CLHEP, XERCESC RHEL5_x32.

Got GEMC to build on RHEL5_x64,
was linking from EVIO/lib, but libraries are in EVIO/OS_ARCH/lib.
Moved my lib to the root directory as the pyscripts are shared.

On RHEL5_x32:
Tried to build qt, on running configure script gcc failes as not recognizing the filetype of project.o.
Out 5:30pm

Tue 19

In 12:00pm
Building QT on corn...getting compiler errors. It's trying to compile 64bit???
Corn does not have mysql. I email npg-admins about this.
Out 1:30

Mon 25

In 4:00pm
Dan and I edited the Detailed Instructions wiki, and are putting up example environment scripts,
build steps/commands.
We downloaded magnetic field info and GEMC starts smoothly.
Out 5:45

Thu 28

In 12:00
Naturally, when showing maurik GEMC it failed to open.
We have deduced this to be a problem with svtgeometry and
not out builds as other geometries function correctly.
Out 2:00


Tue 4

In 12:00
Built shared libraries for G4 on RH5 64 and 32. 64 did spit out some errors, but it completed successfully. Testing this.
As per Maurik's suggestion, moved the G4 source directory into the main CLAS12 directory and created a simlink in RHEL5_x64/GEANT4.9.1
to point there. Currently building GEMC, testing this.

Sun 23

In 1:45
Trying to get data out of GEMC and into ROOT.
Got data out into text, evio formats.
Got xml data from evio data. Need to svn evio2root.
Installing root in CLAS12 on pumpkin2.
For some reason nothing will draw. Using mauriks.
Doing tutorials.
Building root on parity.
Out 5:00

Tue 25

In 12:00
Still not in a groub on the JLab computers. Simulating e- beams with ih2tgeometry.
Out 4:00

Tue 25

In 1:15
SVN access now working, checking out latest and greatest gemc.


Tue 1

In 1:00
Working with GEMC, analyzing output with Root. Emailed Maurizio about variables.
Out 5:00

Tue 8

In 1:30
Using root, making histograms.
Out 4:00

Mon 21

In 3:00
Working on poster with Sam, Dan, Sarah
Out 6:30

Tue 22

In 1:30
Fininshing poster
Out 5:30

Thur 24

In 2:15pm
Planning angular dependance simulation. We need
to write a geometry table.
Out 3:00pm

Wed 30

In 3:15pm
SVN is not authenticating me! Talking to the helpdesk. Once we update
gemc we can use gcard to specify a geometry consisting of a single module.
Then, we can manipulate particles and do various tests with the SVT, outputting
the data into root for analyzation. Talking with Maurizio about geometries.
Out 5:15


Thur 1

In 11:00am
SVN issue was resolved. Updated gemc. GCARD is pretty easy to use. It's just XML to specify one's geometry.
Angle dependance planning.
Out 12:30?

Tues 6

In 1:15pm
We are speaking with maurizio about the best way to set up our experiment. It seems the SPREAD_P switch will randomly create protons over a set of angles.
Ran experiment, collected data and graphs, met with maurik.
Out 4:15pm

Wed 12

In 1:30pm
Updated GEMC to release 1075
Trying to figure out how to use maurizio's geo.c and svthits.c root files, in order to manipulate the data we collected into something usefull.
emailed sarah. Have to leave to straighten out my loan for the summer.
Out 2:30pm