Infiniband Speed Test

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This is a short description of our Infiniband Speed Test. To test the Infiniband, I deviced a program which is written in C++ and JAVA. There are two client of the Java program, one is Sending Client(, the other is Receiving Client( They can be locate in either the same computer or different computers. You can enter the IP Address where the client is located or the localhost if they are located in the same computer. You can also define how many packages you want to send.

The Receiving Client can receive the packages from the sending client. And send back a response to the Sending Client for each package. Then we can have the latency and the jitter value for each package from the Sender client.

The Calculate.C is a C++ program which is responsable for calculate the average latency and jitter form the Sample.out file.

The purpose for the two values: latency: Shows how much time we are using for each package sended from the sender client and received by the sender client at last. jitter: Show the stability of the network.

For this infiniband test, we can test them as half an hour as a period or one hour as a period manually or automatically. So we can have the statistics for a particular day or a particular week.

Location: /net/home/barrycui81/InfinibandTest

If you have any questions about this program, please email: barrycui81 AT