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Server Room Air Conditioning System

The AC system in the server room consists of two seperate units.

There are two thermostats in the room, these control the two units (evaporators) in the room and the chillers (condensers) on the roof. The thermostats are recommended to stay at 70F, if they go lower then there is a chance of ice build up.

Each unit in the room has a filter. Just push in the three tabs on the bottom of the unit to get to the filter. These filters can be rinsed under the facet.

On the floor there are two overflow tanks with pumps. In case the pumps break the water build up in the unit will continue to drip down to the tanks and will not overflow out of the unit. In case the water does build up in the pan of the unit there is a sensor that will shut off the unit if the water overflows in the pan.

Each unit is covered by a one year warranty (installed May 10, 2010).

Scheduled Maintenance

The units should be maintained on a monthly basis. Maintenance tasks include:

  1. Emptying the overflow tanks
  2. Removing and rinsing the filters.

For maintenance instructions, refer to the Mitsubishi PCA-A24 AC Service Manual

Maintenance Contact Info

In case of AC Failure/Malfunction contact:

Dennis Mooney
Facilities Project MGR I
Facilities Design & Construction
University of New Hampshire
1-603-862-3927 fax

Contact information for the Contractor who installed the new system:

Shawn Earabino
Project Manager
Palmer and Sicard
140 Epping rd.
Exeter, N.H. 03833
e-mail earabino@palmerandsicard.com
Office 603-778=1841

Temperature Sensors

This used to work really nice, but the SensorHawk box died and was never repaired or replaced. Not really needed anymore.

enviromon.net SensorHawk 8

System Name: NPG Farm Monitor

Accessing the Sensor Hawk

ssh -L 8001: pumpkin.unh.edu
Go to web browser and type localhost:8001