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Interpreting the output of gemc/evio2root

Coordinates: From Maurizio, "the "root" coordinate system has (0,0,0) as the center of the target, the z-axis along the beam, and the y-axis pointing up." Theta and phi "are the normal theta and phi definition of a 3-vector in a coordinate system: Theta is the angle with the z-axis. Phi is the azimuthal angle."

bstT: gemc BST hits infos tree.

E - Total energy of the particle?

Edep - Energy deposited by the particle.

evn - 

layer - Layer of the SVT hit.

lx, ly, lz - Local coordinates of the hit (mm)

mpid - Mother particle ID.

mvx, mvy, mvz - Vertex of the mother particle.

nbsthit - Maurizio says: "The number of hits in the barrel part of the SVT"  Needs clarification.

pid - Particle ID (that is, its type).

sector - Which magnet they are under.

strip - 

t - 

vx, vy, vz - Vertex of the primary particle.

x, y, z - Global coordinates of the hit (mm).

ctofT: gemc CTOF hits infos tree

cndT: gemc CND hits infos tree

dcT: gemc DC hits infos tree

fstT: gemc FST hits infos tree

otofp1aT: gemc OTOFP1A hits infos tree

otofp1bT: gemc OTOFP1B hits infos tree

otofp2bT: gemc OTOFP2B hits infos tree