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Linux Users Documentation

Mostly, documentation here will be very brief.


New User Initiation 
Instructions for newly added users.
What is installed 
Software we have running on our workstations.
How to configure your machine to print.
Mail Clients 
How to configure your email client with our mail server.


ToDo List
Stuff that we should get done in the near term.
Sysadmin Checklist 
All the things that need to be checked on a very regular basis.
Recent Config Changes
Document all configuration changes on this page, clearly identifying the data and what was changed.
Yes, it is no longer 1981 when the internet was "safe". Please be familiar with the ways to keep our systems secure.

Linux System Administrators Documentation

NPG Layout 
How the NPG clients and servers are set up, as a whole system.
Servers and Workstations 
Per-machine details
Common Wisdom 
Things that every sysadmin needs to know. Accumulated wisdom from our previous mistakes. Must Read!
Basic Administration  
How to change password, add user, make a backup etc.
Advanced SysAdmin  
Don't even think about this if you don't know what you are doing!
Working with virtual machines in our environment
What you need to know about the network (ours, UNH etc).
Hardware Issues History 
"Hard" problems we've solved
Software Issues 
Centralized location for info on things like software interdependence of the mail chain, etc.
Server Components  
Documentation on configurations: LDAP (passwords), mail, database, webserver etc.
Client Components  
Documentation on getting workstations and others to access functionality of main servers
Enviromental Control Info 
AC/Temperature Sensors/Room Climate Data
Sysadmin Todo List  
What do we do now?

Special Software Support

Gnuplot on Mac OS X 
Find a Universal (i386 and x86-64) gnuplot version here for the Mac using X11 or Aquaterm.
Subversion is a centralized repository used for version control of information, primarily for source code.



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