Guide to CLAS12 Simulation Programs

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Dan and I are in the process of setting up all major dependencies for running GEMC (and many other programs) from one main source, rather than compiling one's own version with their time and space requirements.

The current main directory is /net/data/pumpkin2/CLAS12. Inside here you will see a different directory for each main build of RHEL; 4, 5, and x32/x64 of each version. Some things are build-independant and are left inside the CLAS12 directory, and not brought into each different OS directory.

To use these programs first read the script left in each OS Build (To check for extra steps, like exporting one's GEMC directory before using it.), then run it. That should be it! Now you can scons, and run programs with these finicky dependencies without going through the trouble of building them all yourself.

Current List of Compiled Programs:


  • BMS (Version?)
  • SCons 0.97
  • pyscripts (directory)


  • DAWN 3.88A
  • EVIO (SVN Mar 03 2008)
  • XERCESC 2.8.0
  • QT 4.3.3
  • GEANT4.9.1
  • ROOT 5.19/04
  • EVIO2ROOT (SVN Jun 04 2008)
  • valgrind (Created Jun 19 2008)
  • GEMC (SVN Rev 1104)