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Silas R. Beane              

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
University of New Hampshire
353 DeMeritt Hall
131 Main Street

Durham, NH 03824-3568 USA
Phone : (603) 862 2720
Fax : (603) 862 2998

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University of New Hampshire
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I have moved to the University of Washington, Seattle. My new homepage is HERE.

I am an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of New Hampshire. I am affiliated with the Nuclear Physics Group and the Theory Group in the Department of Physics.

My research is partly supported by the Nuclear Theory Program in the Division of Physics of the National Science Foundation.

           I am a member of the  NPLQCD collaboration.


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Prior to coming to UNH, I was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington and a fellow at the Institute for Nuclear Theory. Before that I held postdoctoral positions in the Nuclear Theory Group at the University of Washington, the Nuclear Theory Group at the University of Maryland and the Nuclear/Particle Theory Group at Duke University.

I received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994 and a B.A. in Physics from Lafayette College in 1988.


I am running lattice QCD simulations of various quantities of interest on all hardware at my disposal.

In my spare time I've been thinking about large-N QCD as a dynamical system evolved with light-cone time (i.e. light-front QCD).

I've also been thinking about Condensed matter physics in two spatial dimensions.

Recent Papers

This year

For previous years see “my papers” link above.


Phys 943: Quantum Mechanics (spring 04) 

Phys 961: Quantum Field Theory (spring 05) 

Phys 935: Statistical Mechanics (spring 06)

Phys 400: Freshman Seminar (fall 06)

Phys 961: Quantum Field Theory (spring 07)

Phys 944: Quantum Mechanics II (fall 07) 

Phys 944: Quantum Mechanics II (fall 08) 

Phys 939: Classical Mechanics (fall 09) 

Phys 720/820: Nuclear Physics (Spring 10)