Tracking Meeting on 26 October 2007

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Amrit, Tanest and Bryan reported on their progress on SVT.

  • Forward part of SVT is now a disk with 3 double-sided 6" staves. A possibility of 4" thinner staves,

180 μm thick, is also being considered. There are some issues how to deal with the gaps between the staves, which are too large. Current design shown by Amrit and Tanest had very little coverage for small theta.

  • The innermost region needs to be designed to have at least 11 mm clearance for the polarized target operations.
  • Tanest showed his models with Finite Element Analysis. His model showed about 5 μm deflection due to gravity, which is very small. The resolution for CLAS is expected to be dominated by multiple scattering resulting on the order of 100 μm space resolution. If this holds then the support structure can be changed to have less material but allow for more deflection.
  • Brian showed his progress on the electronics part. PMC board is ready and can be operated on a a PC board. Tanest is working on VME board implementation.