Tracking Meeting on 15 August 2007

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  • Amrit showed a toy prototype of the cylindrical supprt structure for the SVT.
  • Kosty Stopani showed results from his GEANT4 simulations. Finally the GEANT3 and GEANT4 resluts

for the rates in SVT more or less agree. The bug was in the GEANT3 code causing an order of magnitude error. He gets about 50 MHz in the first regions of the barrel SVT. Also his simulations for the rates versus distances from the beamline and target showed that there would be no serious rate-related problem to have SVT cover down to 5 degrees.

  • Tanest showed very preliminary results from his finite element analysis, he got the software license

just monday. The results were very preliminary, so no serious discussions followed.

  • Amrit said that two students from Moscow State University are comming to JLab next week. He is

preparing projects for them.