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General Information

Lentil performs backups. Its backup script needs further investigation to determine exactly how it works.

Hardware Information

 Motherboard: Asus P5QL-CM
   Specifications: Specifications
   User Manual: V2.pdf Users Manual
 Memory: 2 GB DDR2


Lentil authenticates against the LDAP server running on Einstein, by connecting to einstein.farm.physucs.unh.edu using sssd. Previously, Lentil went on the UNH network to einstein.unh.edu, but this is blocked (I think by ip-tables). The farm network is the better choice anyhow.

Network Configuration

Currently connected to farm networks via our switch and a direct port to UNH network. Note: Previously, lentil went through the switch and a VLAN network. New network policy at UNH makes this not possible.

  Hostname: lentil.farm.physics.unh.edu     
  HWaddr 00:30:48:63:BB:40  
  Hostname: lentil.unh.edu
  HWaddr 00:30:48:63:BB:41

Access Configuration

 Any valid user can log into lentil from any machine on the Internet.

Backup Configuration

Location of Backups


All backup related scripts are:


SNMP Configuration

 Copied from Pepper.

Smartd Configuration

The configuration file is at /etc/smartd.conf. The smartd.conf does a silent check, which only emails reports if the SMART health status comes back as failed. This smartd.conf will look different from alot of the other computers because it doesn't have a RAID card installed, so each disk is mounted seperately for backups.

SMARTD Smartd setup and configuration

rc.local Configuration

This script is modified to run commands when the system is done powering on.

This will send the boot.log to npg-admins everytime the pc is started.

 mail -s "$HOSTNAME Started, Here is the boot.log" npg-admins@physics.unh.edu < /var/log/boot.log

If Lentil isn't sending e-mails

Sometimes after a reboot Lentil won't send its regular e-mail reports. To fix this you simply need to restart sendmail. Be aware that it has saved all of those messages it didn't send, and once sendmail is working you'll get all of them at once.

Wake On LAN

This is used so we can shutdown the server and remotely turn it back on. Wake On Lan Command:

 sudo ether-wake 00:1e:4f:9b:13:90


Important Note:

 If this appears while booting:
   request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c
 This is an indication that a drive (in the supermicro hot swap bay) is plugged in that 
 can't be mounted, like a drive with a software raid setup on it, so just pull the drive 
 and reboot and it should boot properly.