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Massive amount of deployment documentation for RHEL 5

  1. Check all services einstein currently provides. Locate as many custom scripts, etc. as is reasonable and label/copy them.
    1. Network interfaces.
    2. Iptables
    3. DNS
    4. LDAP
    5. Postfix
    6. AMaViS
    7. ClamAV
    8. SpamAssassin
    9. Dovecot
    10. /home
    11. Samba If anyone needs samba access, they need to find us and have us make them a samba account. No LDAP integration.
    12. Web?
    13. Fortran compilers and things like that? (Also needs compat libs)
  2. Switch einstein <-> tomato, and then upgrade what was originally einstein
  3. Look into making an einstein, tomato failsafe setup.