Completed in June 2007

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  • Get ahold of a multimeter so we can test supplies and cables. Got a tiny portable one.
  • Order new power supply for Taro Ordered from Newegg 5/24/2007
  • Weed out unneccesary cables, we don't need a full box of ata33 and another of ata66. Consolodated to one box
  • Installed new power supply for Taro.
  • Get printer (Myriad) working.
  • Set up skype.
  • Fix sound on improv so we can use skype and music. sound was set to alsa, setting to OSS fixed it. should have worked either way though.
  • Check out 250gb sata drive found in old maxtor box. Clicks/buzzes when powered up.
  • Look into upgrades/patches for all our systems. Scheduled critical updates to be applied to all machines but einstein. If they don't break the other machines, like they didn't break the first few, I'll apply them to einstein too.
  • Started download of fedora 7 for the black computer. 520KB/s downstream? Wow.
  • Get Pauli computers up. I think they're up. They're plugged in and networked.
  • Find out what the black computer's name is! We called it blackbody.
  • "blackbody" is Currently online. For some reason, grub wasn't properly installed in the MBR by the installer.
  • Consolidate backups to get a drive for gourd. Wrote a little script to get the amanda backup stuff into a usable state, taking up WAY less space.
  • Submitted DNS request for blackbody. is now online
  • Label hard disks Labeled all that we knew what they were!
  • Labeled machines' farm Ethernet ports
  • Made RHEL5 server discs.
  • Replaced failed drive in Gourd - 251gb maxtor sata. Apparently the WD drives are 250, maxtor are 251.
  • Repair local network connection on Gourd.
  • Repair LDAP on Gourd (probably caused by net connection). Replacing the drive fixed every gourd problem!! Seems to have been related to the lack of space on the RAID when a disk was missing. If not that, IIAM (It is a mystery).
  • New combo set on door for 202.
  • Tested old PSU's, network cables, and fans.
  • All machines now report to rhn. None of them pull scheduled updates though. Client-side issue?
  • Documentation for networking - we have no idea which config files are actually doing anything on some machines. Pretty much figured out, but improv and ennui still aren't reachable via farm IPs. But considering the success of getting blackbody set up from scratch, it seems that we know enough to maintain the machines that are actually part of the farm.
  • Make network devices eth0 and eth0.2 on all machines self-documenting by giving them aliases "farm" and "unh" jalapeno and tomato remain
  • Figure out why pauli nodes don't like us. (Low-priority!) Aside from pauli2's kernel issue this is taken care of
  • Learned how to use the netboot stuff on tomato.
  • Set up the web pages to serve up the very old but working pages instead of the new but broken XML ones.
  • Scheduled downtime to install taro's power supply.
  • Successfully installed Fedora 7 on ennui. Getting this and blackbody set up leads me to believe that we have a good grasp on the configuration of the network, authentication, VLAN, etc.
  • Installed power supply in taro. A bit crooked since the mounting is non-standard, but it's secure.
  • Where is the backup script? Look in /usr/local/bin Matt found it:
  • Set up 3dm raid manager on gourd with remote access. The other machines don't have this tool installed.
  • Added NPG-Daily-28 drive to lentil.
  • Enabled SMP on jalapeno
  • With the new drive added, and Perl repaired, lentil is now making a backup with rsync
  • Figure out what happened to lentil's Perl binary. System logs don't show any obviously malicious logins, etc. My current suspicion is that a typo in some other script led to it (maybe something like > when they meant |). No, it turns out that the drive is going bad. Time to backup and install RHEL5 on another drive.
  • Fixed doorknob. Now the door won't shut randomly on its own and scare the %*$(%&($ out of us!!
  • Installed RHEL5 on lentil. Seems back to normal now!