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Much of this work is done by copying the file einstein:/root/client.tar to the new system's root and doing tar -xf client.tar. It's still necessary to customize the network settings, of course.

A simple n-step process to set up a client lickety-split:

  1. Install Fedora in the typical fashion, skipping the steps for creating a default user and network authentication
  2. Log in as root
  3. Run system-config-network
  4. If there isn't one already, add an ethernet device on eth0.
  5. If this client is not in the server room (and therefore not going to use a VLAN), skip to the next full step
    1. Choose to statically set the IP address to an available local number (10.0.0.*)
    2. Give the device the alias "farm".
    3. Run vconfig add eth0 2 to create a virtual device "eth0.2"
    4. Use system-config-network to add an ethernet device to eth0.2
  6. Alias it "unh"
  7. Choose to statically set the IP address to whatever was registered for the client
  8. Set the gateway to
  9. Under the general network configuration "DNS" tab, put the appropriate IPs of einstein and roentgen for primary and secondary DNS (local for farm as the primary connection, unh for unh as the primary connection)
  10. Save the changes made with system-config-network
  11. If a virtual device was added:
    1. Open /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-unh in a text editor
    2. Add the line VLAN=yes, and save
  12. If there are any more devices already present, disable, remove or configure them as well. Whatever you do, don't leave them defaulted to DHCP mode, otherwise their existence will change /etc/resolv.conf !
  13. Run gtk-authconfig
  14. Check "Enable LDAP Support" under the "User Information" and "Authentication" tabs
  15. Click "Configure LDAP..."
  16. The base DN is dc=physics,dc=unh,dc=edu and the server is
  17. "Download CA Certificate" doesn't ever seem to work, so get "unh_physics_ca.crt" from einstein and put it in /etc/openldap/cacerts" (hint: scp).
  18. Click OK in LDAP Settings.
  19. Click OK in authconfig
  20. Copy the appropriate content into the Autofs Configuration Files
  21. Reboot