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According to its manual page, automount "manage[s] autofs mount points." It runs at startup and "sets up mount points for each entry in the master map, allowing them to be automatically mounted when accessed." autofs is the service program that does the mounting/unmounting when needed.


automount looks in /etc/auto.master for a map. Our setup apparently requires a non-default mapping:

/net	/etc/

It is important to note that that is not the default /etc/ either. It seems that the following files in /etc/ are also used by autofs:

  • auto.misc.dist

The detailed contents can be found here: Autofs_Configuration_Files. Once the files are added/edited, their security context may get changed as well, and it may be necessary to run restorecon -R -v /etc before restarting autofs, in order for autofs to work.