CLAS GEANT Simulation



The GSIM package uses the GEANT routines from the CERN libraries as a framework for a Monte Carlo simulation of the CLAS detector. The package produces two executables: gsim_int, the interactive version and gsim_bat, the batch version. Both executables use the same library: libgsim.a.

Current and old GSIM projects list: (Code Development page)

Documentation Pages:

  1. Introduction
  2.  FFREAD cards

Index of additional pages:

  1. Getting started as a physics user.
  2. Getting started as a code developer.
  3. Overview of GSIM, TSIM, GSIMKO.
  4. GSIM DEBUGGING (What material is in GSIM? ...)
  5. Improvements and New Features.
  6. Benchmark results for various systems.
  7. Guidelines for Writing or Modifying Code.
  8. Information on Event Generators.
  9. GSIM Focus Group. (How to get to acceptance calculations quickly.)
  10. Gsim studies of the CLAS.
  11. Known Problems and Fixes = Big Old Bug List (this is very old stuff)
    1. IBM/AIX
    2. Crashes when displaying tracks,
    3. Linux: gsim_int doesn't link.
  12. CLAS Collaboration Talk January 98 (pdf)
  13. E2 Targets
  14. E1-6a Target (link added 10.10.2002)
  15. New Target Chamber (added 4/17/2001)
  16. Zebra Memory (increasing or decreasing)  
  17. CERNLIB 2001 Optimized Version