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We run two servers: einstein and roentgen. Einstein is less important and less complicated. Roentgen was the old physics.unh.edu and is quite complicated, serves up multiple sites, has custom xml parsing....



Look at /etc/httpd/conf.d/virtualhost.conf for the different web site it hosts. There are many config files in this directory!!

  • nuclear.unh.edu
    • Our current Nuclear Physics Group web site, in need of updating.
      • Directory: /var/www/nuclear
    • Serves up personal pages (as in nuclear.unh.edu/~maurik).
      • Directory: /var/www/personal_pages/maurik
    • This wiki
      • Directory:/var/www/nuclear/wiki -- only edit for configuration changes.
  • roentgen.unh.edu
    • The old physics web site which depends on XML
    • Legacy site.
      • Directory: /var/www/physics/
  • werner-heisenberg.unh.edu
    • Werner Heisenberg site maintained by Jochen.
      • Directory: /var/www/werner-heisenberg
  • xenon.unh.edu
    • Bill Hersman's physics site for Xenon polarization.
    • Also has secure https version.
    • Maintained by Aaron.
      • Directory: /var/www/xenon
  • www.xemed.com aka www.xemedllc.com
    • Bill Hersman's medical physics site. Should be moved to own server.
    • Maintained by Aaron.
      • Directory: /var/www/xemed
  • www.theory.unh.edu
    • Theory group web site: John Dawson, Silas Beane, Per Berglund