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=Required Safety Training=
=Required Safety Training=
| width="75pt" | '''Date'''  
| width="75pt" | '''Title'''  
| width="125pt" | '''Author'''
| width="125pt" | '''Method'''  
| width="125pt" | '''Type''' 
| width="630pt" | '''Title'''  
|Cryogenic Liquid Safety || Administered on Blackboard by EH&S]  
|Cryogenic Liquid Safety || Administered on Blackboard by EH&S]  

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Experiment Analysis in Progress

Approved Experiments

Magnet Cool-Downs

Dates Purpose
2014-01-06 to 2014-01-17 First cool-down, magnetic field map

Talks and Presentations

Date Presenter Title
2014-06-06 E. Long Probing Short Range Structure Through the Tensor Asymmetry Azz (TAzz) at x>1 pdf pptx
2014-03-11 E. Long Tensor Asymmetry Azz at Jefferson Lab pdf pptx
2014-03-10 K. Slifer The Deuteron Polarized Tensor Structure Function b1 pdf
2014-03-10 K. Slifer Tensor Spin Observables Workshop Welcome ppt
2014-03-10 - 2014-03-12 Multiple 2014-03-18-TSOWorkshop.jpg Tensor Polarized Spin Observables Workshop
2014-01-24 E. Long Building the Bridge Between Partons and Nulei pdf pptx
2013-12-14 E. Long E08-005: Ay0 in Quasi-Elastic 3He(e,e'n) Scattering pdf pptx

Technical Notes and Theses

UVa Polarized Target Technical Resource Page

Date Author Type Title
2014-09-30 Z. Abbas URA Report Understanding Thermometry at Low Temperature (tgz)
2014-03-11 Z. Abbas URA Application Low Temperature Thermometery for Cryogenically Cooled Solid, Spin Polarized Ammonia Target (tgz)
2011-03-14 T. Bielarski Ind. Study Analysis of Deuteron Polarization for the EG4 Experiment [(pdf)
2011-05-20 J. Donaghy Senior Thesis Construction of an NMR Polarimeter for Dynamically Polarized Nuclear Targets (pdf)
2010-10-06 J. Donaghy URA Application Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Polarimetry for DNP Target (pdf)

Required Safety Training

Title Method
Cryogenic Liquid Safety Administered on Blackboard by EH&S]
Magnet Safety Training Administered on Blackboard by EH&S]
Laboratory and Chemical Safety Training Administered on Blackboard by EH&S]