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Lab How-To/Info

Polarization Calculation

Ryan's TE Polarization and Calibration Calculator

Experiment Analysis in Progress

Approved Experiments

Cryogenic System

Target Cool Downs

Dates Purpose
2020-08 Better mm-Wave Power Test, First Vector and Tensor Deuteron Polarization Attempts
2019-12 mm-Wave Power Test, Butanol, First Deuteron Attempt
Readiness Goals
Items To-Do
2019-03 NMR Systems Comparison, Butanol Proton Signals, mm-Wave Saturation Test
2018-11 First Proton TE and Enhancement (Epoxy)
2018-08 Mapped Out Internal SC Magnet Fields
2018-04-10 Cool Down Analysis
2018-03-15 First Vertical fridge cool-down
2015-09-22 to 2015-09-26 First fridge cool-down with LHe, Attempted 4.2K NMR
2015-07-30 to 2015-08-21 Fridge cool-downs with LN2
2014-01-06 to 2014-01-17 First magnet cool-down, magnetic field map

Talks and Presentations

Date Presenter Location Title
2016-05-16 R. Zielinski JLab RC Workshop Systematic error analysis of the Mo and Tsai radiative corrections scheme at low Q2 pdf
2015-07-08 E. Long PAC43 Measurements of the Quasi-Elastic and Elastic Deuteron Tensor Asymmetries pdf pptx
2015-07-02 R. Zielinski Chiral Dynamics Workshop Overview of the g2p experiment pdf
2015-05-22 E. Long CIPANP Spin Structure at Jefferson Lab pdf
2015-04-21 E. Long GWU Colloquium Probing Nucleons With Polarized Targets pdf
2015-03-12 E. Long UCA Colloquium Understanding the Nature of Normal Matter pdf pptx YouTube Google+
2015-03-10 E. Long Spectator Tagging Workshop Tensor Polarized Deuteron Experiments pdf pptx
2014-11-17 E. Long HiX Workshop Overview of Spin Structure at Large x pdf pptx
2014-09-13 E. Long QCD Town Hall Meeting Tensor Spin Observables pdf ppt
2014-09-12 E. Long Juniata College Colloquium Understanding the Structure of Nucleons pdf pptx
2014-08-12 E. Long Gordon Conference Probing Nuclear Structure through Electron Scattering from Tensor Polarized Targets pdf
2014-06-06 E. Long Hall C Collab. Meeting Probing Short Range Structure Through the Tensor Asymmetry Azz (TAzz) at x>1 pdf pptx
2014-04-21 Z. Abbas UNH URC Understanding Thermometry at Low Temperature pptx
2014-03-11 E. Long Tensor Workshop Tensor Asymmetry Azz at Jefferson Lab pdf pptx
2014-03-10 K. Slifer Tensor Workshop The Deuteron Polarized Tensor Structure Function b1 pdf
2014-03-10 K. Slifer Tensor Workshop Tensor Spin Observables Workshop Welcome ppt
2014-03-10 - 2014-03-12 Multiple Tensor Workshop 2014-03-18-TSOWorkshop.jpg Tensor Polarized Spin Observables Workshop
2014-01-24 E. Long Uni. of Manitoba Seminar Building the Bridge Between Partons and Nulei pdf pptx
2013-12-14 E. Long Hall A Collab. Meeting E08-005: Ay0 in Quasi-Elastic 3He(e,e'n) Scattering pdf pptx

Technical Notes and Theses

Date Author Type Title
2018-03 UNH NPG Target Group Operating Procedures UNH DNP Cool-Down Procedures (Google Drive)
2015-02-11 P. Sieg School Report Effects of Temperature on Carbon Resistors (pdf) (docx) (Google Drive)
2014-09-30 Z. Abbas URA Report Understanding Thermometry at Low Temperature (tgz)
2014-03-11 Z. Abbas URA Application Low Temperature Thermometery for Cryogenically Cooled Solid, Spin Polarized Ammonia Target (tgz)
2013-05-24 E. Long b1 Diluting Asymmetries in Extracting b1 from a Measurement of Azz (pdf)
2013-05-16 E. Long b1 Rates and Systematic Uncertainty Calculations for a Measurement of Azz (JLAB-TN-13-029) (pdf)
2011-03-14 T. Bielarski Ind. Study Analysis of Deuteron Polarization for the EG4 Experiment (pdf)
2011-05-20 J. Donaghy Senior Thesis Construction of an NMR Polarimeter for Dynamically Polarized Nuclear Targets (pdf)
2010-10-06 J. Donaghy URA Application Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Polarimetry for DNP Target (pdf)

Required Safety Training

Title Method
Lab OSP Read and sign physical copy in lab
Cryogenic Liquid Safety Administered on Blackboard by EH&S
Magnet Safety Training Administered on Blackboard by EH&S
Laboratory and Chemical Safety Training Administered on Blackboard by EH&S

g2p Solid Polarized Target Documents

Shift Workers Documentation


Collaboration Meeting Minutes