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Torque is our local batch processing system. It used to be PBS, but then was bought a few times by various companies, and is now part of "Adaptive Computing".

PBS is a system for scheduling compute jobs onto nodes, aka "workload management software", that was first created by NASA in the '90s. We ran this early version on our farm back then. It is very sophisticated and thus not so trivial to configure. Some things are already setup.

The company supporting the old open source version is PBS Gridworks which seems to be a devision of "Altair". They haven't touched their free open version since 2001.
There are no manuals for OpenPBS from Altair, only for PBS Pro. To get to them, you need to create a username/password at the PBS Pro User Area you can then get to the Documentation. Do not expect a one to one correspondence between the OpenPBS and PBSPro versions (like, you don't need a FLEX license for the open one.)

The newer development in OpenPBS is renamed Torque, which is what is installed on our systems. See Adaptive Computing (company) and go to Torque Resource Manager. This includes documentation.

Documentation for TORQUE

Maui Scheduler

We switched to the more intelligent Maui scheduler. This is a badly maintained piece of code, but it works.

Some info I found: