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  • getent passwd # This should show the local passwd and also the ldap entries.
  • id username # This should show the groups of the user
  • ldapsearch -x '(uid=username)' # All info on user, Check presence of ldap
  • ldapsearch -ZZ ..... # Make sure the encryption works as well.

Add User Account

  • The preferred method of user account creation is the script on einstein: env HOME=/root /usr/local/bin/adduser-npg
  • You can also manipulate the tables from Improv with the program JXplorer.
  • More info to be extracted from LDAP server: env HOME=/root ldapsearch '(uid=maurik)'

LDAP manipulations

  • Print directory of all available maps: ldapcat -x
  • Print a particular map: ldapcat <mapname>
  • Manipulate the user accounts: See adduser-npg
  • Change something: lusermod --shell /bin/tcsh <user>