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Squirrel Mail

See Web Mail for Nuts for documentation.


We customized /etc/squirrelmail/config.php directly, not only config_local.php:

Test your config changes here: Config Test

  • Change the IMAP to "dovecot".
  • Change the useSendmail to "true". - now sending mail works. The SMTP method does not, since we now enforce TLS even from localhost.
  • From what I can tell the "avelsieve" plugin (see Plugins - Sieve Mail Filters) will not work with Dovecot. We can try later.

The file /usr/share/squirremail/functions/mime.php was edited following these instructions to stop some errors having to do with the Japanese character set from showing up in the logs. This should illustrate which lines need to be commented out:

if (!$charset_converted) {...   <<< line 316 
}                               <<< line 323