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In the process of complete the documentation needed for the shift workers to be in the DNP Lab at UNH. The following sections need to be included:

Section Responsible of  


Monitor NMR data and check data output. David
Ramp up and down the magnet. Google Doc/David
Monitor and operate the microwaves / know how to find correct frequency. Ellie/David
VNA/VME swaps and calibrations Ellie/David
Setup system for changes in the polarization parameters (B, T, NMR, target…) Physics Documentation Karl
Log and report changes in the system, Nathaly
Monitor vacuum pumps and change or replace a pump if needed. Nathaly
Monitor flowmeters. Nathaly
Monitor shells pressure and follow the procedures of a possible leak. Nathaly
Monitor/Operating needle valves. Google Doc/Michael
Monitor fridge temperatures and make sure to turn on/off heaters inside the Fridge. Karl
Heat Straps monitor / External heater of the separator line Ellie/Nathaly
Monitor LHe level in the Magnet and call for fillings. Google Doc
Monitor LHe in the Fridge and adjust them if needed Future Work
Magnet refills. Google Doc
Target swaps Karl
Repair NMR cable Marie
Calculation of LHe to vapor to convert to flowmeter reading. Michael

Google Doc means that part of the section or the section is already written here.

Future Discussion:

Define Shift Leader and target operators tasks and names

Shift Checklist: Physical (What should be included?)

Shift Summary: At the end of the shift in the Logbook (What should be included?)

Google Doc or Wiki?