Repair NMR cable

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  • To solder SMA connectors to the cables:

1) Strip out few mm of the copper surface and the plastic around the thin inner cable, leaving a tiny bit of plastic for isolation.

2) (only if it is a male connector) The little pin of the SMA goes on the thin cable. Depending on the type of SMA, a very tiny drop of soldering lead can help it staying in place for when the cable will be in use (for the case of the pin is cylindrical, some pins are "pyramidal" and don't require it)

3) (for male and female) Insert the main body of the connector on the cable. The plastic piece may have to be pushed to remain in place.

4) Put a drop of soldering lead near the edge of the connector and "move" it with the iron both to the direction of the copper and around the tube, such as the drop will englobe the cable. (I prefer the thicker lead wires, but results are the same with thinner ones)

5) Check if electric current is circulating

  • In case a connector get disconnected during the cool-down, it is better to take out both the cable and the connector and proceed as above. A "quick" repair by putting more soldering lead around the connector is possible, by instance to avoid taking out the whole target stick once cables are inserted, however it is at risk of a wrong connection.