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  • 2015/04/08 -- Node cloning in progress. See How to Clone a Node
  • 2015/04/08 -- Move to Open Server Net in progress. See Move To Open Server Net
  • 2015/04/03 -- Taro is now on Server-Open network with new IP Endeavour is on
  • 2015/04/02 -- Endeavour upgrade documented at Upgrading Endeavour --Node 2 is nearly done.
  • 2015/04/02 -- The backups are running but still not sending mail. It seems NO ONE IS LOOKING AT THIS! (that is a good way to piss me off.)
  • 2015/03/12 -- MailMan E-mail is not working properly. Changed backup cron job (/etc/cron.daily/0rsync_backup) to send email directly.
  • 2015/03/08 -- Gourd CentOS 6 Migration
  • 2015/03/02 -- SpamAssassin and E-mail -- misconfigured postfix did not run spam properly.
  • 2015/03/01 -- SpamAssassin Updated documentation how to filter spam better.
  • 2015/02/15 -- taro updated the globus toolkit for data transfers to/from Jlab.
  • 2015/02/03 -- lentil Changed the network-scripts. Lentil was still trying to use the VLAN, while it was directly connected to the UNH network. (Shame on us!) Also, configured sssd to contact instead of


2014/11/29 -- einstein Dovecot.conf:45 disable_plaintext_auth = yes 2014/11/29 -- einstein Changed the NTP servers to,,, since these actually work!
2014/11/04 -- einstein taro Iptables have a new, long, blacklist.
2014/11/04 -- einstein Changed Postfix authentication module from smtpd to dovecot. This fixes the issue with postfix claiming authentication methods which don't actually work.
2014/10/05 -- corn and jalapeno Change: Fully transitioned RHEL repositories and packages to their equivelant CentOS versions. Both changes required downloading and installing CentOS's repository keys, removing all packages that start with rhn (replaced with the CentOS versions), then cleaning all cached packages and running a standard yum upgrade. Details on what commands used can be found at
2014/09/26 -- einstein Change: Stop the avahi-daemon service and take it out of the automatically started services. Avahi-daemon implements Apple's "bonjour" protocols, which I don't think we need.

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