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Pumpkin is our new 8 CPU 24 disk monster machine. It is really, really nice. Pumpkin runs Xen. It is 64-but CENTOS-7


Hardware Details

  • Microway Quote # MWYQ9518-03 purchased 10/22/2007 for $18260.
  • Sales contact: Eliot Eshelman
  • Microway 5U 4-Way Opteron Server with up to 24 Drives
  • 5U Storage Chassis with 24 SAS/SATA-II Hot-Swap Drive Bays with SATA Multilane Backplane (I think it is a Chenbro case)
  • 1350 Watt Hot Swap Redundant Power Supply
  • Microway Navion-T (TM) Quad Opteron Motherboard (Tyan S4985):
    • Four sockets for Socket F 8000 series processors
    • Nvidia nForce Pro 2200 + 2050
    • Four banks of memory (16 DIMM slots)
    • Supports up to 64GB of DDR2-667 memory
    • Two x16 PCI Express, Two x4 PCI Express,
    • One PCI 32 bit expansion slots
    • Integrated dual Marvell 88E1111 GbE ports
    • Integrated Intel 82541Pl GbE Port
    • SIS/Xabre Integrated Graphics 16MB
    • Integrated SATA-2 Controller (8 ports)
  • 4x AMD Dual Core Socket F Opteron 8222 3.0 GHz, 1 MB Cache / core, 95 watts
  • 8x 2GB DDR2 667 MHz ECC/Registered Memory
  • 16x 750 GB Seagate Barracuda ES Nearline SATA/300 ST3750640NS 16MB Cache, 3Gb/s, NCQ, 7200rpm, 1.2 million hours MTBF
  • Areca ARC-1280 24 port SATA II Raid - PCI Express x8
  • Areca ARC-6120 Battery Backup
  • 6x Mini-SAS to ML backplane Cable .5M - 4 SATA Drives
  • Pioneer DVR-112 Dual Layer DVD/CD writer Internal (Black) 18x write DVD-R/+R, 10x write Dual Layer DVD-R/+R
  • Tyan M3291 IPMI card (REMOVED)

Network Configuration

The network card eth2 no longer works, and is unused. <== needs verification:

   4: wlp6s0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN qlen 1000
   link/ether a4:c4:94:1f:6b:cf brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
  • IP Address Farm: (farm)
  • IP Address UNH: (unh)
  • IP Address RAID: [1]

Software and Services


Pumpkin uses the standard iptables configuration.


Pumpkin is the master Splunk node and stores all of the splunk data in /data1/splunk. If you want to access the Splunk web interface it is at https://pumpkin.unh.edu:8000 (if you're connected via the Farm), or you can forward port 8000 over SSH.


Pumpkin shares two data stores (/data and /scratch) over NFS. They can be accessed at /net/data/pumpkin and /net/data/scratch from any machine.


The RAID is currently split.

Disk 1 to 17 @ 4TB
  • Disk 17 is hot spare
  • RAID Set #00
  • Volume: data lun(0/0/0) is RAID6 = 56 TB
  • Translates to /dev/sda1 mounted on /data
Disk 19 to 24 @ 750 GB
  • RAID Set #01
  • Volume: scratch lun(0/0/1) is RAID0 = 4.5 TB
  • Translates to /dev/sdb1 mounted on /scratch
Disk18 is N/A

The RAID card can be monitored at login as "admin" with a password that is described on the RAID page.

Software RAID

There are 2 internal drives in Pumpkin forming a software RAID. Note these are *not identical* partitions on the drives, so the RAID does not look symmetrical. Blame the installer.

Model: ATA WDC WD7500AAKS-0 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdc: 750GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: gpt
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End     Size    File system  Name                  Flags
 1      1049kB  79.7MB  78.6MB  fat16        EFI System Partition  boot
 2      79.7MB  300GB   300GB                                      raid
 3      300GB   550GB   250GB                                      raid
 4      550GB   650GB   100GB                                      raid
 5      650GB   718GB   67.5GB                                     raid
 6      718GB   750GB   32.0GB                                     lvm
 7      750GB   750GB   251MB   ext4                               raid

Model: ATA WDC WD7500AAKS-0 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sdd: 750GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: gpt
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End    Size    File system  Name  Flags
 1      1049kB  300GB  300GB                      raid
 2      300GB   550GB  250GB                      raid
 3      550GB   650GB  100GB                      raid
 4      650GB   718GB  67.5GB                     raid
 5      718GB   750GB  32.0GB                     lvm
 6      750GB   750GB  251MB   ext4               raid

Personalities : [raid1]
md123 : active raid1 sdc5[0] sdd4[1]
      65853440 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]
      bitmap: 0/1 pages [0KB], 65536KB chunk

md124 : active raid1 sdc4[0] sdd3[1]
      97655808 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]
      bitmap: 0/1 pages [0KB], 65536KB chunk
md125 : active raid1 sdc2[0] sdd1[1]
      292968448 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]
      bitmap: 2/3 pages [8KB], 65536KB chunk 

md126 : active raid1 sdc3[0] sdd2[1]
      244140032 blocks super 1.2 [2/2] [UU]
      bitmap: 0/2 pages [0KB], 65536KB chunk

md127 : active raid1 sdc7[0] sdd6[1]
      244672 blocks super 1.0 [2/2] [UU]
      bitmap: 0/1 pages [0KB], 65536KB chunk
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md123       62G   85M   59G   1% /kvm
/dev/md124       92G  527M   87G   1% /var
/dev/md125      275G   24G  238G   9% /
/dev/md126      230G  4.7G  213G   3% /usr
/dev/md127      228M  224M     0 100% /boot
/dev/sdc1        75M  9.4M   66M  13% /boot/efi
/dev/sda1        51T   30T   22T  58% /data
/dev/sdb1       4.1T   89M  4.1T   1% /scratch

To Do