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Maurik's personal notes

I just want to keep track of some things here.


Jlab Scientific Computing Wiki

  • Cache disk/Tape Silo/Batch farm usage:
    • Command line: cachedu -g groupname or cachels -g groupname = directory or file listing in cache group groupname (eg claseg3)
    • Jasmine Tape Silo requests statistics.
    • Batch Farm Status

Splunk for grepping through log files intutively. The beta 3v2 has memory leak though.


PHENIX SVT upgrade detector: Article: NIMA 535 p404 doi:10.1016/j.nima.2004.07.192

GEMC on Mac

Install "scons": Get the tar file, go to the directory, type: "python install --prefix=/usr/local/" Alternative: "fink install scons".

Install geant4.9: "fink -y install geant4.9", and go get some coffee, cause this takes a little while. Note that clhep will be installed for you at the same time. It takes a long time because everything will be freshly compiled for your system. No stale libraries here!

MySQL can be installed from fink as well, but I think it is better to get the install package from the MySQL website, which is better integrated with Mac OS.

Qt for Mac can be downloaded at: and comes as a "dmg" with a nice installer.

SVN can be found with google, there are many sources, or you can "fink" it as well. Try the GUI: