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Information and timing of all systems in the lab is crucial at the moment of data analysis. Therefore, one of the most important tasks as shift leader consists in login all the changes and/or particular performances of the system. This includes magnetic fields, needle valves, target stick conditions, and every piece of equipment that is operated during the cool-down. In addition, attach pictures/diagrams/among others when you consider necessary. Don’t hesitate in making an entry when you think something is out of normal, it is better to make a new entry with a correction later in the logbook that leaves out an event that could be crucial to understand a possible problem.

The log entries are stored in the slack channel called Logbook, and there are two ways of making an entry:

i. VI: In the cool-down vi there is a window that allows entries in the logbook. Please enter detailed information about the event and make sure your name is written correctly in the name box. Submit the entry and that will be posted at Slack.

ii. Personal Electronic Device (Cell Phone, Computer, tablet, …): Using your personal device you can login the information to slack in the logbook channel directly. Make sure to include all the information.

Checking previous logentries:

Use the vi in the main computer to search the particular entry you are looking for. You can narrow down the options by using clue words/person who made the entry/time or specific date.