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Logical Volume Management is used to treat seperate disks as one. However, this can cause trouble when trying to access the disks from a recovery CD, etc.


To mount lvm partitions from a livecd (for purposes of recovery/emergency maintenance), simply:

  1. modprobe dm-mod to load required modules
  2. lvm vgchange -ay to become aware of the volume groups
  3. mount as normal with mount /dev/vg_(machine-name)/(distro-name) /location/to/mount/to.


Expand a volume

In order to expand a logical volume and its corresponding filesystem:

  1. umount /dev/vg_machine/lv
  2. lvresize -L +2G /dev/vg_machine/lv
  3. e2fsck -f /dev/vg_machine/lv
  4. resize2fs /dev/vg_machine/lv
  5. reboot