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Jalapeno is a VMWare virtual machine currently running on Gourd. It serves as our primary DNS and CUPS print server.

Virtual Hardware

  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Hard Disk: 8 GB
  • Network 1 (eth0): Farm-Bridge
  • Network 2 (eth1): UNH-Bridge
  • SCSI Controller: LSI Logic

Network Settings

  • IP Address farm (eth0):
  • IP Address UNH (eth1):

Software and Services


Jalapeno uses the standard NPG iptables firewall. It allows ssh, DNS, and CUPS ipp connections.


Named provides DNS hostname resolution for the farm.physics.unh.edu backend network. DNS configuration files are located in the /var/named directory.

Backup Configuration


# Backups are 'pull' only.  Too bad there isn't a better way to enforce this.
read only       = yes

# Oh for the ability to retain CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH, and no other.  
#uid            = root
# XXX There seems to be an obscure bug with pam_ldap and rsync whereby 
# getpwnam(3) segfaults when (and only when) archiving /etc.  Using a numeric
# uid avoids this bug.  Only verified on Fedora Core 2.
uid             = 0

# There's not much point in putting the superuser in a chroot jail
# use chroot    = yes

# This isn't really an effective "lock" per se, since the value is per-module,
# but there really ought never be more than one, and it would at least 
# ensure serialized backups.
max connections = 1

        path    = /usr/local
        comment = unpackaged software

        path    = /opt
        comment = unpackaged software

        path    = /etc
        comment = conf files

        path    = /var
        comment = user and system storage