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General Information

Jalapeno is a virtual machine Hostnames: jalapeno.unh.edu, jalapeno.farm.physics.unh.edu

Jalapeno is our DNS server.

Access Configuration


# NPG Config:
# Allow direct root logins only from console and einstein
+ : root : LOCAL einstein.unh.edu einstein.farm.physics.unh.edu lentil.unh.edu lentil.farm.physics.unh.edu

# Allow only administrators
- : ALL EXCEPT domain_admins : ALL

Backup Configuration


# Backups are 'pull' only.  Too bad there isn't a better way to enforce this.
read only       = yes

# Oh for the ability to retain CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH, and no other.  
#uid            = root
# XXX There seems to be an obscure bug with pam_ldap and rsync whereby 
# getpwnam(3) segfaults when (and only when) archiving /etc.  Using a numeric
# uid avoids this bug.  Only verified on Fedora Core 2.
uid             = 0

# There's not much point in putting the superuser in a chroot jail
# use chroot    = yes

# This isn't really an effective "lock" per se, since the value is per-module,
# but there really ought never be more than one, and it would at least 
# ensure serialized backups.
max connections = 1

        path    = /usr/local
        comment = unpackaged software

        path    = /opt
        comment = unpackaged software

        path    = /etc
        comment = conf files

        path    = /var
        comment = user and system storage