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ipmiconsole opens a serial-over-lan connection to a remote device's IPMI card. It is part of the freeipmi package, available from the Fedora/Redhat package repositories. It is installed on Taro and Pumpkin, and has been tested on Taro.



-h <address>
Address or hostname of the host on which you want to open a SOL connection.
-u <username>
IPMI username. The user needs to have high enough privilege to establish a SOL session and have SOL session abilities enabled. ADMIN should work.
Don't steal an existing SOL session that is detected as being in use.. By default ipmiconsole checks to see if there is an active SOL connection in use and attempts to steal control of it from the previous session.
Prompts for a password.
Deactivate an existing SOL connection that is detected as being in use and exit.

Escape Characters

The following escape sequences are supported. The currently supported escape character is '&'.

Display a list of currently available escape sequences:


Terminate the connection:


Send a "serial-break" to the remote console:


Send a DEL character:


Send a single escape character:



To open a Serial-over-Lan connection to Taro:

ipmiconsole -h -u ADMIN -P