Gourd CentOS 6 Migration

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Gourd is currently running RHEL 5.11. The goal is to upgrade Gourd to CentOS 6.

The steps to take is to first install a gourd clone on Tomato. Virtualize a Roentgen clone on Tomato. Once everything is all setup we can simply swap the hard drive on Gourd with Tomato's harddrive.


CentOS 6.6 is installed on Tomato. It has gourd's username, no users, no internet-connection, and the expected root password. It is connected to Pumpkin's unused interface and set with a temporary address The interface for Pumpkin is set with a temporary address of

For internet access I plugged Tomato into my personal laptop and bridged my wifi with my ethernet connection.

Tomato was updated. A list of all packages on Gourd was generated and a yum install was executed for all of those packages. Unavailable packages were logged.

TODO: Setup EPEL on the new system and attempt to install the unavailable packages. Update the system with new repo.

TODO: Setup virtualization.