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General Info

Elog is a program running on roentgen that allows physicists to log their research progress and other to access it via a web interface and view it. Elog is accessed via a web browser (not chrome) via https://nuclear.unh.edu:8080/the+nuclear+laboratory/. Note that elog runs its own web server and does not rely on apache.

NOTE: It seems as though elog does NOT work with newer versions of firefox (confirmed for 10.0.6 and 13) but does seem to work with the 3.6.X versions and probably older.


The daemon for elog is located at /usr/local/sbin/elogd

The configuration files for elog are located in the /usr/local/elog/ directory.

The main configuration file is elogd.cfg

Trouble Shooting

If elog is acting up the first thing to try is restarting it.

sudo service elogd restart