DNP GPIB Addresses

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For the DNP lab, the GPIB addresses can be found using NI MAX, under My Systems > Devices and Interfaces > Network Devices > GPIB-ENET/100 "GPIB0". To add a new instrument, attach the cable to the piggy-backed cables in the blue rack and then press "Scan for Instruments". Make sure that the GPIB address on the instrument is set different to all others, otherwise it won't work. To change a device's GPIB address, refer to the documentation include with the device. This should also be on the lab desktop under the folder "Lab Manuals".

As of 01/09/17, the current addresses are:

Device Primary Address Secondary Address
Fluke Multimeter 2 N/A
Mercury ITC 3 1
RF Signal Generator 4 N/A
Lakeshore Magnetic Probe 12 N/A