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This information is deprecated. We now use a standard Dovecot setup.

Though it seems that there are other interfaces available (probably more user friendly ones, using web interfaces etc) the way we can configure cyrus-imap is with cyradm.

See: Cyrus System Administration, Chapter 9 of O'Reilly's "Managing Imap". (Yes, this is so complicated, they wrote whole books about it!)

To start talking to cyradm as the administrator you want to execute (on einstein):

cyradm -user cyrus localhost

and supply the password for the usual password scheme for cyrus.

Granting A User Access to a Folder

To allow non-owner users to access folders (a.k.a. "shared" folders), the access control list (ACL) for that folder has to be modified. This is done with cyradm's setaclmailbox command:

setaclmailbox mailbox username rights

From the above O'Relly page:

Right Purpose
l Look up the name of the mailbox (but not its contents).
r Read the contents of the mailbox.
s Preserve the "seen" and "recent" status of messages across IMAP sessions.
w Write (change message flags such as "recent," "answered," and "draft").
i Insert (move or copy) a message into the mailbox.
p Post a message in the mailbox by sending the message to the mailbox's submission address
c Create a new mailbox below the top-level mailbox (ordinary users cannot create top-level mailboxes).
d Delete a message and/or the mailbox itself.
a Administer the mailbox (change the mailbox's ACL).

The can be mixed, and there are aliases for common combinations, like "read" for read-only permission. For more, see the O'Reilly page.

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