Completed in September 2007

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  • Figure out proper monitor refresh rates in an effort to fix bohr's strange graphics setup. [1] has them. Just need to wait for a convienient time for Silas to test and see if it worked. The display problems seem to be tied to the proprietary nvidia driver, it won't load right on its own, but loads and runs fine if you manually kill X and start it again. Hopefully the next release fixes that.
  • sudo is hanging for me. groups shows my groups, /etc/sudoers has the "domain_admins" line. It eventually returned, saying that my user number doesn't exist in the passwd file. Something missing from nsswitch.conf? Nope, it's just like blackbody's, which works. getent passwd has everybody listed, as well. This was the result of a typo in /etc/ldap.conf
  • Some machines, including pepper, have lost their RHN entitlements. Do we want more, or should we just swap entitlements from workstations like compton? compton and fermi are VMs on solo, so that's a no Entitlements were reapplied during the week of 9/23.
  • Set up 32-bit compatibility libraries on pepper and taro.
  • Myriad is only printing 70 pages at a time? Miscellaneous printing issues may be worked-around by setting clients to use different protocols that seem to work for some poeple --e.g. AppleTalk-- but keep an eye on the random shutting down of CUPS as well. Matt changed the protocol some of the clients use to jetdirect, the problems seem to have subsided temporarily. Nope, it seems to be telecom related. Maurik's called them in and hopefully they'll flip a few switches and all will be well.
  • Test unknown equipment:* UPS I need a known good battery to play with. I'll probably get a surplus one cheap and bring it in. Seems like both UPSes I've looked at so far had bad batteries, since they were swollen and misshapen. The APC Smart-UPS 620 is good, just needs a new battery. The Belkin is dead. Is this the one the movers dropped? Applied for an RMA for the Belkin. Need to ship it out. Yeah, with the new super supplies, we shouldn't waste our time by going out of the way to get a new dinky one.
  • Set up a few VM's to play with for settings, scripts, etc. Either xen or qemu should work fine. Good idea! We will also need a VM on the new server which allows someone to log into the system with a 32-bit environment. This will be needed for legacy software. There's some set up on improv, under the names fermi and compton. Wait, is it solo or improv?
  • Had to take ennui's strip to set up benfranklin. There are enough slots by quark, though.