Completed in July/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov 2008

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  • We've gotten rid of Tomato, Jalapeno, Okra, and physical Roentgen. Gourd is on its way out.
  • Subscribe all users to npg-users.
  • Come up with a list of who's who in NPG. While maurik's gone, it's going to be important to know who's directly in NPG, who's affiliated, and who just plain uses our stuff.
  • Einstein upgrade project and status page: Einstein Status
  • The switchover is complete, and has been working well. There's sure to be a few little things left to do, like little mailing list tweaks and software people want, but that's all our normal day-to-day things anyway.
  • Improve documentation of mail software, specifically SpamAssassin, Cyrus, etc. We're now on an as-standard-as-you-can-get dovecot installation. The dovecot wiki has nearly all documentation we need for our setup, as long as a couple things are known:
    1. The specific tools involved are dovecot, postfix, and spamassassin. We've set up the dovecot-sieve plugin to allow sieve-style filtering, which should eventually be implemented for every user individually so that we can't get yelled at for marking good mail as spam, etc.
    2. At present, no antivirus is installed, although we should plan to add clamav or something similar. Not a HUGE concern, since most of our users aren't windows, but certainly something to be aware of and fix.
    3. Users with a low UID cannot login. This is a security feature, going by the reasoning that system tools and daemons run as low UIDs, and they should never need to log into dovecot. As such, emails sent to root need to be sent somewhere that's actually read. A quick hack is in place at present which sends root mail to minuti, implemented in the aliases file. Using the NPG-admins mailing list might be a better choice, or even maybe a root-mail mailing list.
  • Decommission Okra. - This system is way too outdated to bother with it. Move Cacti to another system. Perhaps a VM, once we get that figured out? Nobody has noticed okra being down for just about forever. Nobody used it, except steve when he felt bored. Splunk should ideally be more than capable of doing everything okra did and then some.
  • Gourd won't let me (Matt) log in, saying no such file or directory when trying to chdir to my home, and then it boots me off. Trying to log in as root from einstein is successful just long enough for it to tell me when the last login was, then boots me. (Steve here) I was able to log in and do stuff, but programs were intermittently slow. This hasn't happened again. Just a fluke?
  • Fermi has problems allowing me to log in. nsswitch.conf looks fine, getent passwd shows all the users like it's supposed to. There are no restrictions in /etc/security/access.conf, either. I don't care about fermi. Nobody has ever used it, and just about everything is higher priority. If people have legacy code to be running, most of the workstations are outdated enough. If they really need power/speed, it's probably worth updating the code or dependencies to be runnable on pumpkin/corn. If there's actual requests for it, I'll get it working.
  • Fixed backup on einstein.
  • Roentgen moved to Pumpking Virtual Machine.
  • Restored the mysql database on Roentgen: Mysql database restore.