Completed in Jan/Feb/Mar 2009

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  • Find out if we have any XP licenses laying around, just in case we hit driver issues in lab 123. Yes, we have ones.
  • Requested RMA from Antec for lentil's old power supply. No response, so it would seem it really isn't in warranty anymore.
  • Sent out an email to Heisenberg explaining that the intel fortran compiler is a commercial piece of software, and he only purchased the 32-bit version. Never heard back from him, and I think Maurik's mentioned something about getting a new version.
  • Installed batteries in the power strip UPS things.
  • Replaced lentil's power supply, because the exhaust fan was dead.
  • Pauli8's mobo is dead, and out of waranty.
  • Replacements have been ordered for the UPS power strip things. Looks like they're HC 1221W, made by CSB battery co.
  • Get PxEboot network installs working. Einstein now has cobbler installed, and the cobbler install image directory is exported via NFS since http redirects to the unhinfo servers. There's still some more work to be done, like making kickstart files.
  • Lepton is Upgraded to RHEL 5
  • Set up sftp on roentgen.
  • Determine rack layout.
  • Scheduled rack move for the 23rd.
  • Move systems into the new rack.
    • Zip tie the cables in place behind the rack.
  • Pick out sata card for taro. PCI-Express, at least 4 ports. RAID capability doesn't matter since we use software RAID.
  • Figure out the pumpkin raid password!
  • Figure out the mailman password!
  • Set up the new lisemeitner. The issue with the Optiplex 755 is that there is a faulty BIOS which fails to hand off EHCI (legacy usb) to the OS in a standards-compliant way. Let's try upgrading the BIOS if possible, otherwise these might not be capable of being linux machines!
    • The upgrade from the A04 BIOS to the A10 BIOS worked perfectly.
  • Look into the wigner printer queue on einstein, as well as tracking supply usage, etc. Josh might have a perl-based solution for us, and we should consider the value of a commercial piece of software such as PaperCut.