Complete in December 2008

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  • Finish cleaning up.
  • Finish setting up Parity for the new admin.
  • Pepper had 108M free on /. I checked the usage and saw I could remove /var/spool/up2date to free nearly 400mb.
  • Evaluate the hardware needs. Pumpkin, the new Einstein, Pepper, Taro and Lentil seem to be all sufficient quality and up to date. Do we need another HW? If so, what? Taro is now Tomato, we have an awesome new Taro now. Everything now seems sufficient!
  • The new taro is set up, and has CUDA drivers installed.
  • Pumpkin can't run CUDA, because it has a xen kernel. The card in pumpkin will likely end up in the new taro.
  • The old taro is now accessible as tomato.
  • Updated SSH known hosts on all systems to reflect new taro/tomato.
  • Make sure lentil is properly backing up all systems. Check! Including new roentgen and the new marie!