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Task List

Document everything that you do or investigate

  • Complete the XML documentation on the CLAS12 Software Wiki.
    • Document each of the possible elements, i.e. <box>, <tube> etc. Document which parameters go with each shape
    • Document how you specify material and other properties.
    • Document how you specify a magnetic field.
    • (More difficult) Is there a method to mark a region as active?
  • We can run Sim12 with -G and type commands. Create a new page on the CLAS12 wiki on how to use this mode.
    • Document some of the most useful commands, i.e. "set the angles" "set the zoom level", "set the x,y position", "turn visibility on/off" "change color of element", "change shading of element". All this can be found in the proper GEANT4 documentation. Link to that documentation.
    • Write one (or several) .mac scripts that display the detector. For an example of reasonable displays see [1]
    • Write some .mac scripts that display the central detector only.
  • To get further on the track debugging:
    • There was a suggestion that the problem was caused by the "npos" command which positions multiple copies of something. We want to test this.
      • Create an XML document that only contains a single "sector" (wedge shape of the CLAS12 detector) with nothing in it. Test this to see if this causes a stuck track problem
      • Next npos this wedge 6 times, just as done with CLAS12. See if the problem now appears. (Difficult question:) If so, what is wrong with the npos implementation.
      • If that works, is there anything positioned in the CLAS12 wedges (in clas12.xml) that sticks out of the wedge, even is ever so slightly. Is it even possible to have something stick out?
    • (Difficult task:) The relevant code for studying Sim12 is all in the sub directory, "src", not in the code. You would probably need to get some help if you want to attempt these:
      • Modify the Sim12 stepping class to print out something every step. What information is available in these classes? What can we print out?
      • Go to the GEANT4 documentation to learn about how steps are done and how to retreive information about a step.
      • Run the modified code and then go through all the output to see if we can find what location the track is reported as being stuck.
  • Look at the implementation of the SVT (in the central detector, the silicon strip readout layers) in the clas12.xml code.
    • How is is implemented? What is one detector element build up from? A single rectangular box, a sandwitched box?
    • Make some pictures of the SVT using the Sim12 code.
    • (Difficult task:) How can we get "readout" from this device? What do we need to do to get readout?
    • Go to the GEANT4 documentation and learn about how we can read out the amount of energy deposited in a volume due to a particle passing through it.
    • (Very difficult task:) Implement an SVT readout scheme.


Monday June 18

Starting with xml documentation

documenting all possible elements
Going through HDDS ,geometric detector specification
continuing with the same task
started with xml documentation