2018-04-10 Cool Down Analysis

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04/12/2018 Fridge Cooldown

The fridge was cool-down starting from room temperature on April 12. The steps that day can be summarized as:

The table's caption
Time Process Comment
10:30 am - 2 pm Cooling down the separator Both needle valves closed and Separator pump flow constant at ~ 5 slm
2 pm - 5 pm Nose cooldown to 1.2 K. The needle valves were opened (both). The roots were on When the temperature in the nose decrease bellow 4 K, the bypass valve was closed and the heat exchanger was opened slightly.
5 pm - 10 pm Thermal equilibrium conditions ~1.9 K. The bypass valve was closed and the heat exchanger was opened slightly. The roots were off and a secondary small roughing pump was pumping the cryostat space. 10 pm - 12 am System off. The needles valve were close and the separator pump was off.

Magnet temperatures and Helium lost estimations.

04-12-2018 magnetT.jpg

Fridge Temperatures during the day. 04-12 fridgeT.png Fridge Temperatures during the cooldownffrom Room Temperature 04-12 fridge coolingT.png Fridge Temperatures at 1.2 K 04-12 fridge 1KT.png Fridge Temperatures at 2 K and without the roots 04-12 fridge TET.jpg

Target Temperatures during the days 04-12 targetT.jpg

04-12-2018 targetgoodT.jpg 04-12-2018 targetflowT.jpg 04-12 pressure shells.jpg

04/10/2018 Magnet Precool with LN2

04-10-2018 magnet precool magnetT.png 04-10-2018 magnet precool fridgeT.png 04-10-2018 magnet precool targetT.png 04-10-2018 magnet precool pressure shells.png