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Basic Setup

Is a printer at the address wigner.unh.edu with an IP of This is a HP Laserjet 4700dn Color printer which has a web interface. It is currently configured to only accept print jobs from jalapeno, our print server.

Printing directly to wigner is possible, but currently disabled. The address for Wigner's jetdirect interface is socket://wigner.unh.edu:9100

Cancel Jobs in Queue

1. Go to the web interface and Login 2. Go to the Device Status Tab 3. And click Cancel Jobs

Switch from Color to Black Ink

This is how to switch Wigner from color to black, when color ink is low. 1. Log onto the web interface of wigner, with username as npg-admins. 2. Go into the Settings tab 3. Drill down into Configure Device>System Setup, now scroll down and look for the options and set them from:

       Color/Black Mix         Mostly Color Pages
                               Mostly Black Pages
       Color Supply            Stop
                               Autocontinue Black

There are also some settings in this location and the ones I changed will be listed, and I changed them from the Normal settings Configure Devices>Print Quality>Print Modes>

       Color                   Normal Mode
                               Autosensing Mode